What We Can Do For You

We do the paperwork

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You have established customers and loads, but you don't enjoy all the paperwork. We take care of the hassle of completing and signing documents, emailing shipper required documents, such as, W9, Copy of Authority, and Certificates of Insurance. We will even do the invoicing, if you choose.

We find the loads

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Fly Low finds the best loads and can

negotiate the best rates. If you choose "paperwork" services, we'll complete required paperwork, and provide rate/load confirmation.  Dispatch with paperwork service also include credit checks, driver directions, making pick up and delivery appointments, negotiating detention or layover fees.

We do it all

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You drive.  We  find the best paying loads, negotiate rates and complete required paperwork. In addition we invoice your customer once the load is completed. No paperwork or frustrating phone calls required by you. We handle the details.

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